We have a broad range of designs with fabrics of different textures and colours. Patterned ties and of Jacquard silk, micro drawings, moles and stripes, which fit with solid coloured shirts and focus all the attention on the tie, and finally reaching the smooth ties with a broad range of colours to match or contrast the tie with the shirt and suit.

In Corbatería Vendrell we specialise in performing unique designs of natural silk ties and scarves and other accessories for corporate and institutional gifts.

We also perform collections for leading firms of fashion internationally.

Jacquard silk ties, made with pre-dyed silk threads fabrics that allow getting the best natural Made in Italy silk.

Patterned silk ties, made with silk fabrics patterned in Italy using the traditional Lyonnaise method so drawings and colour have the highest resolution and beauty.

Wool ties cashemere, made with the best wool and cashemere

Tricot ties, with a more casual and sporty style rather than the ones incorporated by the leading firms of fashion in recent seasons.

Artisan production and own workshop. In our sewing workshop, professional experts perform the cutting manually. Sewing and assembly of silk ties to offer our customers an elegant and high-quality product.