Corbatería Vendrell, with 30 years of experience in the sector, is a company dedicated to the design of silk ties and scarves, pashminas and virgin wool and flax scarves, as well as other high-quality items.


Unique designs of ties and scarves . We specialise in creating corporate designs ties, cravats and other accessories for your corporate and institutional gifts.


We perform neckwear collections for leading firms of fashion and the commemoration of national and international events: ExpoMilano, Mobile Congress, etc.


Natural silk fabrics made in Italy and handmade clothing Made in Spain, in our workshop. The production of silk fabrics is done in our Print Workshop in Italy, to ensure the highest quality.


Department of Design  to create designs from logo and the corporate image of your company. Customised packaging design for each client


Wide range of designs at your service.  An extensive collection of silk ties designs, pashminas and cashmere wool scarves, linen and tricot.

Every six months we add more than 100 new designs to our collections.


Wool, cashmere and linen high-quality pashminas  made with the best natural fibres using traditional Jacquard looms.


Corporate cufflinks with your company logo, metal and handmade varnishes.


Gaudí Collection. Ties, cravats and pashminas designs inspired by the work of Gaudí


All our ties and scarves bear the NATURAL SILK badge, which guarantees the highest quality of the silk made in Italy, through processes that meet the ethical codes of respect for the rights of workers and the environment.